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Glacier Peak Holistics Healthy Dog & Cat Alternative Sensitivity Assessment.

If your dog or cat constantly itches and scratches has chronic ear infections, chews feet, smells like "corn chips" or has red, flaky, thickened, black or greasy skin this assessment can help you discover the causes of your pet's discomfort and help you address the source of the problems.

More than an allergy test.

This is the original hair and saliva testing method for identifying imbalances and finding solutions to help your pet. The Healthy Dog and Cat Alternative Sensitive Assessment is a non-invasive method for finding food and environmental sensitivities and triggers that may be causing allergy-type reactions in your pet.

We have had amazing success resolving food and environmental sensitivities in pets with this test! Come on in to learn how this works and start your itchy pet feeling better!

For a PDF file on Glacier Peak Holistics Alternative Sensitivity and Trigger Assessment Results click image below!

Glacier Peak Holistics Healthy Dog & Cat Alternative Sensitivity Assessment.

Stella & Chewy's dehydrated raw meals

Stella & Chewy's raw frozen meals

When it came down to choosing a raw pet food it took us quite a few months of research and evaluation before we finally settled on Stella & Chewy’s.

Here are a few of the reasons:

In addition to naturally balanced nutrition and supplementation, Stella & Chewy’s products are produced with their exclusive SecureByNature food safety process (patent pending), designed to make them safe from harmful bacteria naturally, while retaining the food’s nutrient value and flavor.

Organic vegetables and fruits. Healthful, direct fed microbials. No grains or fillers. Dedicated manufacturing plant. All Stella & Chewy’s products are produced at their own federally-inspected plant in Milwaukee, WI. Every batch made is tested by an independent laboratory for E. coli O157:H7 and Salmonella before packaging. No sugar, no salt!

Stella & Chewy's raw frozen meals Stella & Chewy's dehydrated raw meals

Clean ingredients.

Their products are made with select organic produce and raw, USDA-inspected meat. All Stella & Chewies suppliers provide Letters of Guaranty stating that their meats and produce are fresh, are unadulterated and in full compliance with all applicable federal regulations. Every single ingredient they use is sourced from reputable suppliers.

Stella & Chewy’s goes far beyond the letter of the law when it comes to keeping a clean operation. Unlike many pet food companies, they clean and sanitize their equipment at the end of every day.

Stella & Chewy’s donates a percentage of their annual profits and products to animal rescue groups and no-kill animal shelters.

Coco Therapy Treats and Supplements ... Goodness Gracious!

Look what's new at Golden Bone Pet Products!

Exciting, new Coco Therapy treats and supplements from coconuts!

When given regularly, Coconuts help maintain and support overall health:

Skin and coat, healthy bone function, mobility and flexibility, supports healthy thyroid and offers immune system support. Supports gastrointestinal and digestive health. Provides anti-oxidant protection to support healthy cells and cell function.

Learn why Coco Therapy is the most trusted brand of pure, virgin, organic coconut oil and coconut treats for your pets.

View their video!

Click images for printable PDF version

Coco Therapy Treats and Supplements Coco Therapy Treats and Supplements


COVER ME by Tui step in garment. Made in Peru for Tulanes closet and available at Golden Bone Pet Products full service holistic pet supply store in Sedona (sizes XXS to XL)

Is your dog licking, chewing, biting from allergies and/or anxiety? these Tui cover-ups keep Paxil from hurting himself with his teeth and nails. Originally designed as post surgical cover ups, I'm not sure I would trust these cute and sturdy onesies when it comes to surgery and stitches but for that itch that comes with healing and for hot spots, chronic chewing, scratching, licking and biting that just makes wounds and irritations worse, these are fabulous! they not only keep him from bothering his itchy spots but also keep him calm and quiet.


WeRuVa dog and cat food

Golden Bone Pet Products is committed to providing ONLY the best quality food and treats for your dogs and cats. We are proud to feature WeRuVa dog and cat food.

WeRuVa dog and cat food
WeRuVa dog and cat food

Dog Cuisine - Human Style. GRAIN FREE GREATNESS! WaRuVa FOR DOGS!

All WaRuVa foods have a basic and simple focus and are formulated with the carnivore in mind. Calories for people and pets come from 3 places: protein, fat and carbohydrates. The calories required by a carnivore are those found in meat, protein and fat. The diet of a carnivore has minimal if any calories coming from carbohydrates. In that regard, dogs require or are obligated to eat protein and fat, but they do not need carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are not metabolically necessary. Weruva's foods are formulated with the obligate carnivore in mind, with nutrition revolved around high quality protein, minimal carbohydrates, and high moisture content.

Sleepypod Clickit 3 Point Safety Harness

Taking a road trip with your doggie?

Sleepypod Clickit 3 point safety harness CRASH TESTED at 75 lbs, 30 mph. According to Consumer Digest "Only one pet restraint, the Sleepypod Clickit Utility Harness, was able to offer adequate protection to the dog, earning it a top score for crash protection." After viewing dozens of videos using weighted dummy dogs we realized that this was an essential product despite it's $90 price tag.

If you travel the roads with your precious pet the CLICKIT is the number one choice for travel safety.

Sleepypod Clickit 3 Point Safety Harness Sleepypod Clickit 3 Point Safety Harness
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