Sedona Pet Supply Store

Pet Supply Store in Sedona, Arizona.
Bringing Sedona a new way to shop for their canine and feline friends.

Eco Friendly, Socially Conscious, Environmentally Aware, Healthy and just plain Fun. 
  • Pet Products and Pet Supplies 
  • GMO Free
  • Hormone Free 
  • Antibiotic Free 
  • Free Range food and treats
  • Sourced from known and trusted countries of origin 
  • Natural and organic supplements, grooming, skin and coat care 
  • Innovative and organic toys 
  • Strong, sturdy leashes, collars, harnesses, travel and outdoor gear 
  • All season clothing and footwear 
  • Compassionate training and behavioral aids 
Everything to delight the natural pet and pet parent.
New Pet?
Bring in your adoption papers for your newly adopted pet and we will give you 10% off your first purchase! Come by and get your new family member off to a good start.
We are proud to have taken the HSUS  Puppy Friendly Pledge.
At Golden Bone, we love the kitties, too!
Come in and check out our huge selection of cat food, toys, treats and more!
Stella & Chewy's frozen and dehydrated raw cat foods.
Stella & Chewy's frozen and dehydrated raw cat foods.
Huge selection of healthy, delicious foods for your feline friends!
Huge selection of healthy, delicious foods for your feline friends!
Kitty collars, harnesses, toys, catnip, play tunnels and more!
Kitty collars, harnesses, toys, catnip, play tunnels and more!
Thank you to Canine Caviar and to Wild Calling Pet foods for helping us keep Golden Bone rescued dogs on clean, healthy, wholesome foods! No fillers, no chemical preservatives, no harmful or useless ingredients. Just nutrition dense, high quality food.
Canine Caviar pet foods
 Wild Calling Pet foods
Sedona Pet Store Website
Welcome to our
pet store website!
You can purchase the products shown on this website at our Sedona pet supply store or if you live out of the area call our store at 928.567.5555 during normal business hours to arrange your purchase to be shipped to your home!
Voted Best 2015
Come on in and see what everyone is talking about!

Golden Bone Pet Products was voted Best Pet Shop in Sedona by 2015 Market Surveys of America 15th Annual "Best of the Best" This comes on the second anniversary of our opening the store in Sedona.

Thank you to all our loyal customers and friends for your support, your trust, confidence and your patronage! Thank you for making it possible for us to stay and serve the pets of our community!
~ Nadia and Angela
10 Year Anniversary event!
10 Year Anniversary event!
Like us on Facebook for frequent updates on new products, sales and our anniversary celebration.
Did you know you can get pet tags engraved, while you wait, at Golden Bone Pet Products?
Watch for the following pet products to be "Coming Soon" to our online store! 

Pet Toys 
• Alzheimer Pet Toys 
• Autism Pet Toys 
• Homeless Pet Toys
• Interactive Pet Toys
• Organic Pet Toys

Pet Treats & Supplements
Smiling Dog 
• Freeze Dried Treats
• Kibble Seasoning 

Pet Health Products
• Paw Pleaser 
• Snout Soother

Pet Grooming Aids
Natural Flea Tick Relief
• Ashleys Flea Control
• Pet Behavioral Aids 
• Pet Leashes 
• Pet Collars 
• Pet Harnesses

Pet Beds
• Organic Pet Beds

Pet Clothing  
• Pet Summer Clothing
• Pet Winter Clothing 
• Pet Boots
• Pet Travel Gear

Golden Bone Pet Products
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